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Long Division (Single)

by Alma Cook

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I would never defend This conversation, ain’t nobody ever met a good end At eleven p.m., You should not be talking to somebody who is not your girlfriend. But I know why You try To toe that line, And I know it doesn’t make you proud. As for me, now, I Can’t lie To you to save my life, As if you didn’t know that by now. I’ve been putting on heat— Showing you how to do addition, if you know what I mean. You’ve been letting off steam, Still coming up from a decision back in 2018. Hey, that’s the wages Of the time & space; Who could’ve known someday That I’d be turning the tables around? ‘cause you lost all faith In me to find my way, And then the season changed, But you still got me wondering how… CHORUS: You take me back to fundamentals; Baby that’s the power of you. I’ll kick it up another level; I see your potential, And I’ll raise you to the power of two. Check my work if what you need is proof, Hit me up if you believe it’s true That a man on a mission Should probably get a girl who can handle her long division, Who can handle this long division. Something stuck in my throat— A couple years running, I’ve been working not to let it all show. Do you know something I don’t? A good time, baby that’s fine, Right up until she’s running your home. And it hurts my head To see her there instead, And you cannot pretend That she isn’t holding you down. (Can’t pretend that you’re not privy to that; Present company is holding you back.) When the beauty’s ended And we put no filter in the lens, We only have what’s left— Oh, did I just say that aloud? (Nothing left for you but what you see; That’s the reason that you’re calling me.) CHORUS Is it gold if it shimmers at an angle? Beautiful or a beautiful mind? And if we know I’m forever gonna phase you, Then is it better just to cut ties? Is she good for you or good enough? Tell you if I knew, But if you want to statute the obvious, well I can state the obvious too: It’s fundamental; That’s the power of you. I take it to another level; ‘cause when I see potential I can raise it to the power of two. Check my work if what you need is proof, I’m the 1 and you believe it 2, ‘cause a man on a mission Should probably get a girl who knows how to do long division. CHORUS


"Long Division" goes out to the smart girls. Dripping in wordplay, the pop track is clean, sophisticated, & of its time.


released December 14, 2021

Written by Alma Cook. All vocals arranged & performed by Alma Cook. Produced by Chris Thigpen & Taylor "Pocket Queen" Gordon, with music performances by Chris Thigpen (bass) & Alec Lehrman (guitar). Mixed by Raz Klinghoffer (Los Angeles, CA). Mastered by Karibu Mastering (Ala di Stura, Italy). Photo and album art by Alma Cook


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Alma Cook Los Angeles, California




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